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  • Trunion serves Credit Unions and other community-based lenders


  • Providing BOTH residential and commercial valuations services


  • World class customer service and prompt turn times


  • First-rate panel of appraisers


  • Leading edge technology integrated with all major LOS systems


  • Large menu of alternate commercial and residential valuation tools


  • Front and back end quality control 


  • Audited compliance to safeguard collateral risk



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Trunion manages quick and accurate residential appraisal services completed by local appraisers who are proficient in local values, residential real estate markets, and individual neighborhood specifics. Even in rural markets, our appraisers are close by, with excellent access to local data and knowledge of value influences for the area. Our appraiser partners are trained to utilize best in class technology to quicken the appraisal process and improve analytics and accuracy. This technology includes, but is not limited to, the use of drones, mobile applications, and smart software that incorporates statistical modeling, cloud-based storage and voice-based commands.


Trunion is fully compliant with USPAP, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, FHA and HUD. Our front and back end QC incorporates both technology and human expertise to mitigate underwriting conditions and provide low risk appraisal reports.


Our fully vetted appraisal partners work closely with our partner relations specialists to ensure a smooth residential appraisal experience that protects real estate transactions. Seamless integrations with most LOS systems allow quick client and secondary market delivery of all residential appraisal reports. In addition, Trunion will facilitate the delivery of the final appraisal report to the borrower.


Trunion manages commercial real estate appraisals for community lenders and individuals throughout the country. A growing segment of our business, we partner with highly qualified Certified General appraisers providing accurate, expert commercial value opinions. Our appraiser partners have expertise in appraising a myriad of property types including, apartments, office buildings, warehouses, retail, special use properties, and vacant commercial land. Our commercial appraisals are managed through our OMS system that monitors in real time, bids, capacity and turn times. All commercial appraisal reports are reviewed to ensure they are credible, USPAP compliant and meet Interagency Appraisal requirements.


Our goal is to provide community lenders and individuals swift access to inexpensive and credible commercial valuation solutions. As such, we provide commercial appraisals for both lender and non-lender use including, mortgage, default, portfolio review, estate, tax and other uses.


Trunion provides both COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL automated valuation models (AVMs) for community lenders throughout the country. An AVM will provide a real estate valuation utilizing computer-based mathematical modeling.


The AVM uses basic property characteristics, local market data and price trends to arrive at an estimated value or price range, as of an effective date. Trunion recently adopted the use of new residential and commercial AVMs that provide widespread coverage, increased data and more accuracy on market value. AVMs are quick (instant) and cost effective. They have multiple uses for community lenders including HELOC loans, valuation of non-performing residential and commercial properties and portfolio review.


Our AVM products can be partnered with an inspection by a licensed appraiser to verify condition, quality, size and other property characteristics. Used appropriately, the AVM offers a fast, affordable alternative to conventional appraisal services.


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“Sally and the team at TrUnion have been a wonderful partner!  The team provides the level of service we expect, the same standard we strive to deliver to our members.  We appreciate the professionalism, responsiveness, as well as the collaboration!”

-Eric Weekley, VP Mortgage Lending at Tennessee Valley FCU



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